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Lipothene Inc. manufactures Lipothene 133™ and Lipothene 110™ gel, a proprietary, viscous non-aqueous gel that exhibits an ointment like texture. It is the Lipothene 133™ and Lipothene 110™ lipophilic gel that is the primary effective delivery vehicle within the topical anesthetic formula that appears to present the greatest topical, local anesthesia when used in conjunction with the laser device. Lipothene 133™ and Lipothene 110™ gel is manufactured in the U.S.. Lipothene 133™ and Lipothene 110™ (polymer as opposed to petrolatum hydrocarbon) delivery base was originally developed in conjunction with the cosmetic laser industry during the initial fraxelated Laser R&D; phase.

With that said, a variety of local anesthetics were tested, from both classes (esters and amides), and at different concentrations. It was determined that the Lidocaine (amide) and Tetracaine (ester) were the superior combination. Studies indicate that the two classes (amide and ester) of local anesthetics actually have an augmented effect than either ingredient alone, or two ingredients within the same class (Prilocaine is also an amide, like the lidocaine).
LipoThene 110 Material Safety Data
LipoThene 133 Material Safety Data